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         This webpage is a comprehensive database of M. Tech Electronics Batch of the year 2013-2015. M. Tech alumni/Students/Faculty of the Department of Electronics Engineering, Pondicherry University can search for and contact other 2015 alumni through this website.

    We hope you find this page useful. Don't hesitate to send your comments and suggestions to pumtech.ec15@gmail.com.

About the Department

              The Department of Electronics Engineering is the first Engineering Department which has been established under the School of Engineering and Technology in the Academic Year 2010 -11 during XI Plan. The prime aim of the Department is to impart quality research in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering to meet the increasing demand of highly qualified technical personnel. The department offers two programmes namely, Master of Technology and Doctor of Philosophy in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Vision: To motivate the students towards conceptual realization.
Mission: To mould the students to be the backbone of modern technologies in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering.